We have very close links across the pharmaceutical, OTC, supplement and herbal medicines industry. This means we can provide plenty of networking opportunities with the potential for AHA Worldwide to act as an independent third party and negotiate joint ventures and strategic alliance partnerships.

For start-up companies, or those wishing to extend their prescription/over the counter portfolios, it means we’re really well placed to access products.

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Regulatory Affairs

Here at AHA Worldwide, we have in-depth knowledge of the regulatory issues around the OTC/consumer health, nutritional supplement, herbal medicine and medical device sectors, with access to experts in compiling and submitting dossiers in the UK and across Europe.

POM to P

In 1983 the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) began reclassifying ingredients. This meant that some Prescription Only Medicines (POM) could be made available to purchase in Pharmacies (P). These switches (known as POM to P) have made, and are continuing to make, medicines more accessible to the public.

AHA Worldwide personnel have been involved in POM to P switching since the very first one in 1983. They have worked alongside the MHRA to develop both the original rules and the revised guidelines in use today.

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In collaboration with our sister company Healthi, we can offer a unique insight into the workings of the NHS on a local and national level. If your company has a need to communicate more effectively with the NHS, we work hand in hand with Healthi to make this happen.